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These prices won’t stay frozen forever, so claim your best limited-time winter deal before it melts away
900 credits
€379 €340
435 credits
€199 €180
310 credits
€149 €135
175 credits
€99 €89
Enjoy your winter with GoDateNow premium services
Complimentary Letters
Read letters from ladies at no cost, with premium-quality photos attached
Flexible Costs in Videochat
Pay only for what you use: text, live streams, or broadcasting. Each credit is your choice
No Superficial Profiles
You know who you meet before saying hello, with our verified & in-depth profiles
First Impressions from early birds who snatched our winter deals
John Carter
Daily video chats are my go-to for fun. This time I pocketed extra $39 on my usual package. Still enjoying it!
Anaheim, CA, US
Michael Thompson
Green Bay, MI, US
Boosted my Godatenow balance with these killer deals, here’s to long-lasting fun this winter, for sure. Big thumbs up!
Anonymous user
A lower price is always a delight, and I’m thankful the quality remains top. Much appreciated!
Mike Anderson
Calgary, Canada
This deal was a jackpot for me!!! saved a hefty sum and had an absolute blast video chatting with fantastic ladies. Awesome!
Frozen prices at GoDateNow – hurry to claim your best time-limited winter deal
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