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The Stars & Stripes Dating Award
The US dating market is expansive, and finding the right fit can feel like trying to find the needle in a haystack. That’s why, annually, we dive deep into the dating world, looking at user experiences and feedback, to separate the stellar from the lackluster. Here are 2023's top 5 US dating sites that truly sparkle.
Top Five Stars & Stripes Award Winners for 2023
✅ The Good
  • Hassle-free registration
  • Extensive & precise search tools
  • Multiple matching criteria
  • Personally curated list of matches
  • User-friendly video chat
  • Enhanced security measures
  • Personal data protection

⚠️ The Bad
  • Might feel too modern for some seniors
  • Allows casual hookups
From religious perspectives to Zodiac compatibility, GoDateNow stands out with its matching algorithms, delivering spot-on matches with a touch of fun…
⭐ 4.9 Rating
✅ The Good
  • Easy & free sign up
  • Simple & intuitive interface
  • Welcomes age-gap relationships
  • High rate of second dates
  • Fun and free chat games
  • Video chat feature
  • Secured personal data
  • Safe payment gateways

⚠️ The Bad
  • Only female profiles undergo 3-step verification
  • Not LGBTQ+ friendly
If you’re a single man over 50 seeking an age-gap relationship with a younger woman, RomanceCompass is your best bet. It emphasizes shared values and interests, reinforcing the idea that age is just a number…..
⭐ 4.8 Rating
✅ The Good
  • Easy & free registration
  • Thousands of faith-focused women
  • Open photo galleries
  • Video chat feature
  • No judgment, fully accepting environment
  • Serious relationships or remarriage are welcome
  • Advanced encryption to ensure safe conversations

⚠️ The Bad
  • Slightly outdated design
  • Not so good for non-believers
Whether you’re divorced, widowed, or simply seeking a more fulfilling partnership, here, you'll find an environment where you’re free to be yourself. Safe, trustworthy, Christian community celebrating both the physical and spiritual aspects of love…
⭐ 4.7 Rating
✅ The Good
  • Hassle-free registration
  • Vast user community
  • Simplified profile setup
  • Encourages swift dates
  • Dedicated safety protocols

⚠️ The Bad
  • Casual hookups permitted
  • Mixed profile quality
YesDates.com boasts a database of over 20K active users with versatile dating goals – from hookups to marriage. Fits all ages and social backgrounds. Ready to meet thousands of initiative women who love taking the lead?
⭐ 4.7 Rating
✅ The Good
  • Hassle-free registration
  • Detailed user profiles
  • Responsive customer service
  • Video chat feature
  • Engaging online activities for entertainment
  • Offline and online events
  • Enhanced security measures

⚠️ The Bad
  • Frequent surveys to fill out
  • Prices fluctuate often
The blend of tradition and thrill. Beyond its rich dating categories and thousands of authentic profiles, it promises a pastime filled with exciting activities, all alongside enchanting Slavic beauties…
⭐ 4.5 Rating
How we choose our Stars & Stripes award winners
We conducted in-depth research and gathered tons of customer feedback, checking out over 50 of the most popular dating websites in the US. Our goal was to find the best dating sites serving gentlemen in the US. So we assessed their appeal, their ease of use, and a number of other factors. From casual to marriage-focused dating services, we’ve distilled our findings down to the top 5 standout dating sites.
We analyzed each site based on 20 definitive benchmarks, including but not limited to the following:

  • Authentic customer testimonials
  • Strength of security measures
  • Dedication to user privacy
  • Overall usability
  • Readiness of customer support
  • Pricing fairness
  • Added bonuses
Our research is backed by insights from 2,674 online survey participants. We carefully curated this group by tapping into our existing subscribers, reaching out on social media platforms, collaborating with well-regarded dating site experts, and scouring online forums.
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Customer Feedback of the Top 5 Dating Sites for Seniors
  • Heard about GoDateNow from a buddy. Tried it out and man, their match-up game is solid. Met Susanna pretty quick, and damn, our vibe was just right. A few online chats and she decided to move stateside. Still feels like a whirlwind. Seeing her for the first time? Felt right.
    Jay, 56
    On GoDateNow
  • I was blown away by the amazing European ladies on there. It’s pretty dope when you vibe with someone who values the lived experiences that come with age. To all the dudes out there, age is legit just a number. The appreciation and vibes from these ladies? Absolute gold.
    Tom, 44
    On RomanceCompass
  • After my breakup, I figured maybe love wasn’t in the cards for me. Add in the mixed feelings from church folks about online dating, and I was hesitant. Then, MarryBrides happened. Such a good place for people who love God but still want to live a little and find a real connection. Met Olha here, and man, things have been looking up. I hope everyone finds their happiness.
    Gerald, 51
    On MarryBrides
  • Honestly, I wasn’t sure about diving into online dating in my late 30s. But here it’s a game-changer. It’s so chill connecting with people who get where I’m at in life. Way better than other dayflies-apps I tried
    Lia, 37
    RomanceCompass user
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